Sunday, 3 August 2014

A visit to Norwich and Sahara Cafe

On Saturday we got up early and drove to Norwich to visit my sister and brother in law...

We started off in House, our favourite Cafe in Norwich (and my favourite place for breakfast!)
It was a hard decision between a vegetarian full English breakfast or pancakes, but I went with the full English.

Here's my veggie full English! Eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, hash browns, baked beans, veggie bacon and sausages!

Here is Mum's meat version of it.

One of the best parts is that instead of toast you get massive slices of ciabatta bread, at first i thought this might be a bit weird but it goes perfectly. It also comes with enough butter to give you a heart attack!

The portions are so generous and the people who run it are so nice. Every time we visit Norwich we just have to come here! The website is here and if you're ever in Norwich I seriously recommend it, if it's for breakfast or just for tea and cake they have everything! Also perfect for vegetarians and even vegans.

Afterwards we wondered through Norwich to my brother in laws newly opened cafe Sahara. Whilst taking a few photos on the way...

Yes well, god knows what happened with my mouth in this photo!

I fell in love with Sahara as soon as I saw it - it has such beautiful open windows and an array of quirky and super comfy seats.There are hidden corners where you can hide away with your coffee or you can sit by the window and people watch all day, depending on your mood.

My brother in law Borhane is from Algeria and the whole cafe reflects his roots - from the decorated benches and portraits to the moroccan mint tea. Me and Mum also found our new favourite drink.

It is just so refreshing! It smells amazing and has the great taste of rose.

Got a bit carried away and took a LOT of photos of it, I may as well make a shrine!

Me and Mum found it today in Sainsburys, it took a while finding it as they put it in the "Water" section?! Bit bizarre but oh well. It's on offer at the moment for two for two pounds!

Spot my dad!

We also had our fair share of peach flan - another new favourite of mine.

Sahara does such great cakes and even savoury snacks - next month they're also beginning to serve hot food so don't miss out!

My dad opted for the coffee - which was made by my sister.

If I could have I would've just sat that in that chair all day, drinking rose lemonade and watching the day go by. I'm so proud and impressed by all the hard work Borhane has put into the shop and I literally can't wait to go back again (next time I will eat all the peach flan).

It was a great day being back in Norwich again! Thanks for having us Minnie and B han!

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