Thursday, 28 August 2014

Back to Zwiesel

Last week Mum flew back with me to Germany and stole me for the weekend...

We flew over to Munich early morning and headed up to Zwiesel by train.

We entertained ourselves till the train came and soon we were speeding along to Zwiesel. The second train, the "waldbahn" got quieter and quieter the nearer we got to Zwiesel.

We unpacked and headed out for dinner at Anger Cafe.

I didn't take any photos of the food... just the pudding! Vanilla ice cream topped with cream and drizzled with hot raspberries.

We headed home and fell asleep.

The next day I went jogging whilst Mum skated.

I love running in Zwiesel; there's no one really ever around apart from a few skaters, joggers or walkers and everything is so unbelievably quiet. Inspired by Mum's moves I decided to try a bit of skating myself.

I didn't get very far and was holding on to Mum for dear life, but we decided when she comes back in October I'll give it another try!

Tired and happy, we headed home for dinner.

The next day we went walking for about 5 hours.

The scenery is so beautiful, and occasionally the sun would come out of it's hiding place and shine down on us.

A horse came to say hello to us too

After a few hours we stopped by Cafe Sowieso, a friend of Mum's runs the place and I have to say it's the cutest cafe! I'm going to put it in the next post as I have so many photos from it!

The day after it was a bit rainy so as soon as the sun came out we took the chance and went walking again, this time we went our favourite way.

 The clouds loomed over us 

We also found some wild flowers

The nice thing about Zwiesel is that it's so quiet and it's such a great place to relax. The disadvantage with this is that you could say it's a "dying town" - every time we come back we find another shop or business that's closed down. We found this little guy left in a restaurant window that had closed down and we thought it summed up Zwiesel well, in a funny and kind of sad way.

The weekend was gone and on Monday I made my way back to Munich. I'll write a Munich post soon to update you on the flat! Zwiesel was great as always and I can't wait to see Mum again in October (where this time she might be staying with me for a few nights in Munich!)

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