Monday, 28 July 2014

A visit from Asa

On Saturday Asa travelled from Luebeck to come visit me!

He arrived Saturday evening and left again today (Monday) so we had to cram everything in on Sunday to show him just how amazing Munich is. Here's what we got up to:

We started off at Cafe Glockenspiel (this is my favourite place for breakfast, I've already written about it here and here).

Sorry about the blurry photos! Didn't take any photos of the food this time, seeing as I always have the same thing to eat which are in the links above and Asa had the same as me!

Afterwards we went for a tour around the centre of Munich (Jorg being our guide as I'm not such a good one), we visited a few churches before heading to the Pavilion, which is right next to Odeonsplatz.

You usually find people playing music in here, as it has a good echo and is such a beautiful place. We were lucky and there was someone there! I could've listened to him all day.

Catching Asa off guard.

Afterwards we headed to Englischer Garten to have a look at the Surfers (I didn't take any photos I'm sorry!). We made our way back home for a quick break and headed over to Tollwood to meet up with Jorg's Mum.

It's always worth having a second look around as we completely missed this Indian cultured tent last time! It was so beautiful and the food smelt amazing.

I also found my favourite stall...

Doorknobs! And so so many...

The photo below were my favourite, they're exactly the colour I want for our kitchen and have so many cute patterns.

Tired and hungry we headed over to Haderner Augustiner for some food. This is a traditional Bavarian pub/restaurant and we were so excited for some real traditional food. We got there at 21:03 and sat down and waited for the menu. The menu never came and we were told that they stop serving warm food at 21:00. I almost died of hunger.

So after giving them enough angry looks and vowing to never go back (a restaurant that stops serving food at 21:00.. really?)  we were lucky enough to know there's an Erdinger right behind so off we ran to see if they had any warm food left. We were greeted by a Bavarian waiter who when we asked if they still served food he said "freilich!" (meaning "of course!" in Bavarian) and showed us to our table.
 I had Knoedel with mushrooms.

Asa had the same

Jorg and his Mum also had Knoedels but with meat etc

Full of food we walked back home and got into bed.
It was such a full Sunday but it was so great having Asa here!! 
I almost forgot, I got a few presents from him too! (Again I have no clue why as he had to sleep on an air mattress with a hole in it - poor guy).

Lots and lots of tea, wine and enough stuff from Luebeck to make it look like I'm a Luebeck tourist enthusiast!
Thank you so much Asa for travelling 7 hours to come and see me and I hope you liked Bavaria!


  1. Awww how nice! Why did it take him 7 hours? Did he go by train? That video you posted is odd... when I scrolled down while it was on the page, it sort of 'played' but not really... the picture moved to other scenes in the video, but it wasn't actually playing... what the heck! Did you buy those doorknobs?? They're so sweet!

    1. Luebeck is right at the top of Germany by the sea! It takes 7 hours with the train. Oh yeah I just saw it too :S I have no clue why it's doing that?! But can you play it normally?
      Didn't buy them as we don't know yet how many we need for the kitchen but I'm sure the same stall will be there in Christmas Tollwood so I can always go back! xx