Monday, 15 September 2014

A visit from Kay

On Tuesday I dragged myself out of bed early to meet Kay at the airport...

Me and Kay have been friends for about 11 or 12 years, and it was so great for her to fly over for a few days before she goes back to her crazy life at Cambridge Uni!

We went back to mine to drop her things off. She got to stay in our guest room which is still looking bland but a lot tidier since unpacking all those boxes.

We headed into town for some brunch at my favourite place Cafe Glockenspiel (I won't go into the whole detail as you'll find millions of posts about this place already on my blog!) We didnt reserve, but as it was a weekday we got a seat anyway.

I had my usual - bread, fruit and a whole lot of different cheese

Kay had scrambled egg with toast and rice pudding. I've never had a hot breakfast there but it looked so good I think I'm going to have to try it out next time!

Feeling happy we left with a full tummy and I took Kay around Marienplatz, Odeonsplatz and to Englischer Garten.

I love how peaceful Englischer Garten is, you only have to walk for five minutes and it's as if you've been transported to somewhere in the middle of the countryside, instead of the middle of a city!

We also picked up my new quilt (very exciting I know).

We got home completely exhausted, we did manage to go out again though for dinner - however we both took no photos of it! We went to Bohne und Malz which has always been a favourite of mine because of their delicious ratatouille. However the one I always went to in Rotkreuzplatz closed down so I took Kay to the one in Marienplatz. Unfortunately they didn't have the same menu! We still had ratatouille which was great but it came in a jacket potato and a massive salad. It was yummy but it was nothing compared to the simple ratatouille with potato wedges I had in Rotkreuzplatz. Here's an old pic of the ratatouille that I loved so much!

Doesn't it just look beaaaautiful?

Ok anyway back to the present!
Talking of presents, I got a few from Kay for my birthday, lots of English goodies.

Thank you for the great presents! Even if you are preparing me for Christmas already...

The next day we went to the Alter Peter - a church tower consisting of 299 steps that gives you such a great view of Munich. We bought our very cheap tickets (only 2 euros!) from the grumpy bavarian man and off we went climbing stairs. The view was definitely worth it.

In the photo above the place with the green umbrellas is where we went for brunch the day before!

I told Kay she was a silhouette in this photo so she did a funny pose - turns out she wasn't a silhouette it was just so sunny I couldn't see my camera screen. Woops.

It was really beautiful up there and really really high. On the way down it felt like it took so much longer than on the way up! If you want to go (and I definitely recommend you should) make you sure you go in the morning before it gets busy - the winding stairs are tiny and I don't want to know what it's like when it's busy and there are people trying to get up and down them at the same time!

We made our way back home to meet some friends of mine that were armed with a cupcake maker. We spent the afternoon baking mini cupcakes, drinking wine and catching up. Kay also got to try out her German!

We sat there for ages until it was evening, so we ordered some Pizza and watched Under The Dome.

On our last day we went to Schloss Nymphenburg and walked through the gardens.

It's a great place to go as walking in the gardens is free and inside they also tell you (in English as well) the history and architecture of the palace. Afterwards we went for a relaxing swim in Sudbad, which also has an outdoor pool/jacuzzi area which is soooo great. Usually you pay 4 euros 40 for 3 hours but in the summer you can stay as long as you want! 

After a few lengths and finally being able to sit on the floor underwater we had to leave to get packing. We went home and had some lunch.

Kay came along with me to the class I teach "Wirbelsaulengymnastik" and then it was already time to say bye! Thank you so much Kay for taking some time out and coming to see me it was so much fun having you here! 
Here's a goodbye selfie we took looking fabulous with no make up on and just having done/taught a class. Come again soon Kay!

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