Monday, 15 September 2014

Late Birthday Post

It was my birthday!

The photo above shows my first present from a friend of Jorgs - a cute little piggy! My birthday was on a Saturday but as I babysit all day on Saturdays Jorg took the day off on Friday and we went into town to do some shopping.

To be honest I didn't really buy much, it was just nice to have a day in town with Jorg again! I also found out what he was hiding in the cellar for my birthday...

A bunny cage! Don't worry, no little bunnies hiding in the cellar, we haven't got them yet. Actually there's been a complete change of plan as now we don't want this cage any more! I saw on pinterest this really cool dresser that they had just made into a bunny cage so now Jorg wants to do exactly the same. You can find the idea on THE BUNNY BOARD which is here. The cage will still have two floors and will be big enough for our bunnies, we've already found a suitable dresser that we're getting on Thursday.

Anyway back to my birthday. After town we went to Jorg's Mum's place for tea and doughnuts, and then ended up staying for dinner as well!

I got balloons and everything!

I also got a great present of lots of bath bombs from lush - which is perfect as now we finally have a bath I can use them!
It was a really relaxing day, and on my actual birthday I met up with some friends after babysitting for "drinks"... which actually turned into a full blown dinner with pudding, but it was still great!

On Saturday we ventured out to the beer garden to meet up with some friends on a beautiful Autumn day.

It was a really nice day and in the evening me and Jorg went for dinner.

Now really I should stop my birthday post here, but I'm just going to carry on to Monday anyway!

On Monday I met up with a friend from dance school and we went shopping. I found some beautiful bed sheets from Zara Home which is really worth a look at - they have such a variety.

This is what I finally went for after picking up almost everything! After staying in Zara Home for ages we stopped for some food at Karlsplatz, I sadly can't remember the name of this place but it was really good! 
Just look at that rice ball

It was a really great 21st birthday weekend! This is what the sheets look like on our bed, I think they go perfectly with the dark wood.

Have a good start to the week!

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