Thursday, 4 September 2014

Furniture update

Let me give you an update on how things are looking in our Flat!

So first up is that we have a bed! Whilst I was away Joergs been busy and built it from scratch. We don't have a headboard yet as he couldn't decided on how to do it but the current plan is to have some integrated shelves in it for books etc!

Apologies for the really bad photos that doesn't do our new bed justice - we still have to buy a bigger quilt and new bed linen so here's a messy photo of our mismatched duvet and blanket.

We also have a new dining table - this one Joerg didn't build, it's from Ikea. Everyone seems to have the same dining table because it's small enough to fit anywhere and still fits four people! Also the price is great - only 90 euros for the table and four chairs and it doesn't look cheap at all. Me and Jorg built it together when I got back to Munich, I feel like I'm playing lego when I get to build flat pack furniture!

I can even eat breakfast on it now!

And actually have somewhere to put my fruit and veg.

Other than that we also got a dresser for free from a French man on Ebay Kleinanzeigen. It's gorgeous and so when I was in England Joerg fixed it up to stop it from wobbling about and brought it home.

I've cleaned out all the dust and started unpacking the boxes! A lot of this stuff will be stored in the kitchen but as we don't have one yet and I'm getting annoyed that the spare room is just full of boxes I decided to unload it into here.

We got so much stuff from friends and family it was actually really fun unpacking as I had no clue what was in the all the boxes!

It's such a pretty dresser and it's currently living in the spare room.
Other than that we also have had to rearrange our whole living arrangement in the open kitchen/lounge as we measured it out and a three seater sofa won't fit where we want it to go! Hopefully once Joerg builds the basis of the kitchen we can figure out where to put the sofa and dining table.

That's it for now!

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