Friday, 26 September 2014

The Past Week

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while! Let me update you on what's been happening...

Last week I taught my first aerobics class! The photo above is my planning for it and I'm so relieved to say it went well.

 It's a low impact aerobics class and I've already been asked if I want to teach the class every Friday!

My second year on my course has now started and so I'm back to studying five days a week and now teaching classes 2 - 3 times a week. Here's what I've been getting up to in between:

Pukka tea, dark chocolate and my favourite socks!

Me and Jorg are still kitchenless (however Jorg has measured out everything so all that needs doing is the actual building part!) so we've been eating a lot of Brotzeit (literally translates to "breadtime"). Just look at the size of that radish!!! I got it for 80 cent at my favourite fruit and veg market.

I also did some dogsitting this week for a couple of days, I didn't know how hard it was to take a photo of dogs!


Bit blurry...

I love dogs to pieces and sadly I can't have one as it's just not practical, travelling in between England and Germany and also being at school all day - there's just no time! So I'm always happy when I get to dogsit these two, they are adorable.

In other exciting news I have a new scarf that I am literally in love with.

I had my eye on it for a few weeks when I saw it in Zara, so I finally got it last week and it's so cuddly - and perfect timing as the weather here is feeling very wintery! 

I wear it as a scarf when I'm out and when I'm at home I use it as a blanket as it's so big! I'm considering buying a black and white one as they're so practical.

Although I've moved out of my old student flat, I technically still live there as when you say you're moving out you still have to pay for the next three months! So three months ago I moved out, and got an "Untermieter" (someone that I rented my room to). The three months are up and now all I have to do is paint the walls white (even though they are already white) and hand my keys over! I was there today just to put all the painting stuff in my room and it was such an odd feeling being back. 

It was sad seeing my little room so bare and empty, but at the same time I'm so happy we have our new cute flat. Hopefully someone nice and clean gets my little room. I'll put photos up of how the painting goes next week - I've never painted a room before!

Have a great weekend.

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