Thursday, 26 September 2013

A week in Zwiesel

In the middle of September my Mum flew over and we went to Zwiesel for a week, to visit friends and family and generally have a little holiday. As soon as Mum flew over the weather turned to rain (literally non stop) and so cold that in the evenings we could see our own breath! It was still a good holiday, despite the rain. On one day where it only rained a little bit, we went walking through a forest to Buchenau; on the way we decided to do a bit of mushroom hunting (although we found more poisonous mushrooms than ones we could eat)


Other than the walking, we did manage to eat a lot of cake and coffee - as usual and go shopping - as usual! On one of our walks home we came across lots of hand carved people out of wood. They were placed on a random bit of grass and they looked amazing; all unique and different to one another. Here are some photos
Cool idea for a bench

Having a drink!

My favourite

In the making!
I wanted to put a photo up of me and Mum, but didn't take any on my camera, so this will have to do instead! Here's Mum and a friend of hers, drinking home made liquor :)
Thanks for the holiday Mother!

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