Thursday, 26 September 2013


One weekend me and Jorg visited the Tierpark (the Zoo) in Munich. It was a great day, apart from all the wasps - which we later found out that the Zoo does actually have a wasp's nest on purpose (who ever came up with that idea?!) In this Tierpark you get to pet the goats, and Jorg said earlier you could also stroke rabbits, but sadly for some reason you can't anymore. Here are some photos!
Such an adorable goat!

A grumpy looking fish


  1. Omg the jellyfish!! I want to go to the Tierpark with B when we visit. Is it easy to get to? Also, that picture of the chicks is confirmation for me - Eggy is a chicken. End of story. One day he'll grow up. x

  2. Yeah you just go to Thalkirchen u bahn station and its like a 2 minute walk! Can't remember how much it was, maybe 10 euros? Lol maybe hes a mixed breed.. If that's even possible. x