Sunday, 1 September 2013

Bye Bye Dancing...

As some of you may already know, I have left Iwanson. There were many reasons: the school didn't think my body was "muscular" enough and although I did what they wanted and did extra sport - I started running, and cycled everyday and everywhere on top of 5/6 days of dancing; they didn't seem happy enough. I didn't enjoy dancing as much as I did before as I almost felt like I wasn't dancing for myself anymore, but to please someone else. I also had doubts that at my height (156cm) it would be harder for me to get jobs and would all the pain, money and time spent at the end of the three years be worth an unstable career? Injuries also come into consideration, small injuries that you have/had begin to get bigger when you have to train everyday as you don't have time to keep on resting them, which becomes a risk for your whole career.

A week after this decision I auditioned for "Bode Schule", a school that is also linked with TU (university) in Munich. Directly after my audition they told me that I got a place on their course, so in October I will begin a new 3 year course to become a "Gymnastik Lehrerin". This basically means a sport/dance teacher, including main dance styles, aerobics, pilates, various sport and also theory such as physiotherapy and anatomy. Although it's hard to let one dream go it is also a relief; dance is a hard career and I'm very happy to be able to have a more stable career choice that also incorporates dancing. I'm very excited for my new course and the fact that I can stay in Munich! The course enables me to have a wide range of opportunities of where I can work afterwards, here is a small list taken from their website:
Schools (including drama and dance schools),
Private Health Clubs,
Medical and Physiotherapy Clinics,
Retirement Homes,
Personal Training.

So fingers crossed that I will get on well with my new studies in a months time!

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