Thursday, 26 September 2013

Birthday in Munich

On the 6th of September (Sorry very late post!) I had my first birthday in a different country. Although I do see Munich as my second home, I have to say having my birthday without my (English) friends and family just wasn't the same! Nevertheless I still had a great birthday :)
As my birthday was on a Friday, my dance friends were in school and my boyfriend was at work; so I went out in the day and treated myself to some new clothes...

Late afternoon I met up with some friends from dancing and we went to a rooftop bar on top of TU University, lots of students and the view is amazing! Here is a photo I took when it was already dark, so you can only see the lights from the other buildings.

The next day me and Jorg went to his Mum's house where I got some presents, and then went to Greek Pub/Bar for the night with Jorg's friend :)

It might not have been the same if I had been at home, but it was still a good 20th Birthday :) !

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