Sunday, 1 September 2013

Summer in England!

My Summer in England...

Coming back to England at the end of July meant I missed out on the complete 3 week heatwave in England (30 degrees with no rain!!!). However the majority of August was quite sunny. I spent most of the time working at "Windsor Theatre Royal" and catching up with friends; as well as going swimming three days a week. For my new course in October I have to be able to swim (which I could never do) as I will have to do a swim saving life course. After finding out the waiting list for private swim lessons were a year(!!), we decided my Dad would teach me instead. After 4 weeks I am now able to swim! (Thanks Papi!)
My boyfriend flew over for the last week of August to meet some family and friends, and also so I could show him England as he's never been before!
Here are just a few photos :)
Typical - Raining in London!

Buckingham Palace

Big Ben

We also visited Madame Taussaud's, we got there an hour or two before it closed hoping that there wouldn't be a queue (there still was one but not as big). Thanks to a friend who gets free tickets to these attractions we got in free, otherwise it would have been £30 each! I recommend going here but for that price I personally find the traditional (and cheaper) tourist attractions (Big Ben, Bus tours, Galleries) more worth it!
Jim Carey

Charlie Chaplin!

Jorg reliving childhood dreams with ET

Changing of the Guard in Windsor

The Long Walk in Windsor

I have now returned back to Munich and will be turning 20 on Friday!! I am also very excited for the arrival of my Mum in two weeks, where we will be off to Zwiesel for a week to visit Family and have a nice
 holiday :)

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