Saturday, 15 February 2014

Saturday shopping

Today me and Jorg spent the day running around Munich (but quite happily, as it was 15 degrees today!). Our day started off with going to the travel agent to book our holiday; after we went to the hairdressers for Jorg and then went to Pasing Arcaden (after getting on the wrong train).
Already tired, we stopped off at Vapiano. This is an Italian restaurant but done in a kind of "fast food" way. You get a card, order your food at the counter, get given a little device so you can sit down again, and when the food is ready the device beeps to let you know. Everything you buy gets put on the card so at the end when you leave they just swipe your card and you pay. Quite cool, and the food is good!

 Another quirky thing about this restaurant is that on each table they have salt, pepper, oil, AND a basil and rosemary plant!
Pluck as much as you want and put it on your pizza/pasta/antipasti!

 We shared a bruschetta pizza; tomatoes, rucola and parmesan. It was so good!

After we hit the shops, I bought a cute little sound speaker from Philips for just 20 euros to plug into my phone/laptop/mp3 and it is surprisingly really loud!

It looks like a little honey cone. I've been wanting one for a while and now I've started teaching tap dancing I thought it would come in handy!

I also bought a few other little things: a little shopping bag, a new cup with a happy pig on it, and essentials (nail polish, shower gel etc etc).
After shopping for ages we got some coffee/hot chocolate and a doughnut and set off home! So tired now and have to rest before going to the gym tomorrow morning.
Have a good evening!

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