Sunday, 23 February 2014

Breakfast Plans and Westbad

On Saturday me and Jorg planned on trying out a new cafe for breakfast. The website looked cute and the food wasn't too pricey, so around 9am we ventured out to go to "Cafe Kitchenette". When we got there we went in and found that it was literally tiny and packed! Someone told us to wait (although it's not like we could really move anyway) and after a few minutes we were told as we didn't reserve we couldn't stay. We left a little disappointed but at the same time relieved we didn't have to cram into the "box" and eat breakfast there.
Instead we found an old fashioned Bavarian Cafe round the corner and had breakfast there. The woman who served us was really nice, the food was good but nothing really spectacular!

 Jorg went for weiss bier with some sausages and bread (however I never got the chance to take a photo of the food as in one second it was gone!)

I had tea and some breadrolls with jam - nice and simple!

In the evening we went to Westbad. Basically a swimming pool but a bit more expensive as there's some added extras! You can stay until 11pm (which we did) and its around 11 euros for 4 hours. Inside theres a normal swimming pool for lengths, a baby pool, a kids pool that has a current in the water and a slide etc and the best one is a heated outside pool with salt water! Included in the price is also the use of a steam room - basically like a sauna but with steam that has aromatherapy oils. I sadly have no photos as I obviously didn't have my phone with me in the water, but it really was such a relaxing evening. We splashed around in the outside pool, did a few lengths inside, had a ride on the slide and then went into the steam room. We took a cold shower and then repeated the whole process!

Today my gym buddy couldn't make it to the gym so I took Jorg instead - who's now joined my gym! It was really good having him there as I didn't know how to use all the weight machines so he showed me. After we visited his Mum for coffee and cake. All in all I had a pretty active weekend! (Minus the coffee and cake...) I'm currently searching for good music to use for tap dancing - any suggestions?!

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