Monday, 3 February 2014

Swim Swim Swimming!

Today in swimming we had to swim 20 laps (1km) in half an hour. I didn't manage to do it all but I did manage 10 laps (500m) and as I usually die after two laps I'm quite happy with that! It was good starting the week off with some hardcore swimming.
Other than that I went food shopping today and thought I would be adventurous and buy soya milk as it was in sale. Sadly I've discovered I don't like it, it smells so strong of soy beans it really puts me off! But I've only tried it drinking it straight, so I'll have to try it in coffee or a smoothie.
I've also been feeling like I need some more inspiration for (healthy) vegetarian food.. everyday is a pasta day at the moment! Any suggestions??
Tomorrow is school and then babysitting!
Gute nacht

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