Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Tollwood in Summer

On Sunday I visited Tollwood...

Summer Tollwood is located in Olympiazentrum in Munich. Tollwood is a summer festival, and in the winter it returns as a Christmas market (in Theresienwiese). What I love about Tollwood is that all food served is organic and there are a lot of stalls that sell vegan and vegetarian food!

"Es gibt ein leben vor Wurst + Schnitzel"
"There is a life before sausages and meat"

The fact that everything's organic and animal friendly is why I love it so much. You can also buy clothes, lights and other random stuff! Another nice touch is that all the stalls are built differently, for example this little beauty that bakes and sells bread:

We sat in the sun drinking a hugo and radler feeling like we were sitting on a deck by the beach.

Until we started to melt and had to move into the shade, looking at everything that was on sale.

They also have live music!

After eating way too much food (that I didn't even take a photo off as I gobbled it up straight away) we left with some tea and went back home.

I can't recommend Tollwood enough - it's perfect for a Sunday when all shops are closed anyway, and if you're vegan/vegetarian then there's even food for you to eat! It's there until July 27th so you better hurry and check it out!

Have a lovely evening :)

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