Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A visit from the bestfriend

On Monday my best friend from England arrived in sunny Munich!

Sorry for the late post, my internet stopped working last week and so we had to wait a whole week for someone to come and fix it!
Anyway we spent all week lazing around in the sun and eating a lot. I picked Laura up and we went straight to Vapiano...

Pasta with mushrooms, garlic and parmesan (and with chicken for Laura). The nice part about Vapiano is that when you order you watch the person make your meal in front of you, and as they go along they ask you exactly what you want/don't want! It's perfect if you're a bit of a picky eater as well. We went to the restaurant at Hackerbrucke, but there are loads dotted around Munich.

We ended with blueberry cheesecake for Laura and raspberry panna cotta for me.

The next day we spent the day waiting around for the internet man (who was ahem crap and obviously didn't do it right!) Afterwards we escaped into Munich's centre to do some shopping.

We picked up a kilo of cherries which were so refreshing! Until you realise you're in public, have lots of cherry stones in your mouth and need to find a way to subtly dispose of them... Perhaps the cherries weren't such a good idea to eat on the go.

Weirdly enough there are "Sommer schlussverkauf" in all the shops (end of summer sales) going on at the moment - I thought Summer was only just starting?! I won't complain if there's a sale though, here's what we bought:

I haven't been clothes shopping in ages as all moneys going on the flat with furniture etc at the moment, so it was so nice having an excuse to shop again.

After looking at all the bags we can't afford (yet?!) at Oberpollinger we made our way to the top floor for the buffet. I went with mushrooms, red and yellow pepper, courgette and bread with a freshly squeezed fruit juice.

Doesn't it look so yummy?! Laura was a bit too excited and decided to buy a bit of everything...

On Friday I finished at 1 so Laura came to collect me, with champagne in one hand and sun cream in the other!

We headed off to Westpark, popped open the champagne and lay in the sun as we caught up on everything that's happened.

I swear I could've just stayed there forever, but slowly the sun went down and we ran out of champagne. Jorg and his friend met us in Westpark, we headed back home for a shower and went out for dinner (which I took absolutely no photos of for some reason!)

Laura also bought me and Jorg presents for letting her stay with us (why I have no clue as she had to sleep on an air mattress that had a hole, poor girl)!

Thanks Laura ^_^

On Sunday it was our last day together so we headed off to Maria Einsiedel Naturbad, this literally translates to "natural swimming pool". It's a swimming pool outside which is just filtered water from the River Isar. I love it here as you can lie on the grass sunbathing and jump in whenever you need a break, if you like the water extremely cold you can also jump into the actual River Isar, which runs through Maria Einsiedel Naturbad. As its "natural" there's a lot less chlorine than in a normal swimming pool (perfect for people with bleached hair).

In the evening I waved Laura off as she drove away back to work. It was so amazing having her here for a whole week and I'm missing her soooo much more after writing this post, we really did have such a great time. I hope she visits again soon so we can have some more Munich adventures.

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