Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Aerobics Power Hour

In my course we have aerobics once a week where we learn all about how to teach an aerobics class. This week our teacher let us have the full experience of an aerobics hour (she's qualified to do Les Mill's Body Attack if any of you know it!). I've seen aerobics workout DVD's and also clips in old films, but I've never actually done one fully with a live teacher. It was crazy!
With up to date music (eg Diamonds by Rihanna) we stepped, squatted, kicked and punched our way through the hour - not forgetting the sit ups and press ups as well! The music is a remix and it's sped up so fast (I was expecting a more slower approach at the beginning that would get faster - I was wrong). What really amazed me was the energy of our teacher; how she managed to actually do the steps with us whilst shouting and cheering us on and not be out of breath/dying on the floor like the rest of us is beyond me! I don't think I've had any dance/sports teacher with as much energy as she gave us; I have a lot of respect for her that she teaches these classes weekly and I hope that at the end of the three years I can do it too!
What I really liked about this aerobics hour was that it was so fast it made you feel alive; I like my course but we do A LOT of talking in almost every class, and at the end of the day who doesn't want to jump around to crazy music after a long day of talking and listening?
Here's a video I found on youtube - an example of Les Mills Bodyattack class - different music and steps but very similar to what we did today!
And now to lie in my bed and wait for my muscles to be sore in the morning :)

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