Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Alte Pinakothek und Pinakothek der Moderne

Last week whilst the rest of my course went skiing (I didn't go as I don't really have experience with downhill skiing, only cross country), we went to a few museums and galleries around Munich. The week started off with going to Museum der Mensch und Natur - which I've already been to and have written a blog post that you'll find here. The only thing different was a cool photography exhibition of nature and animals, taken by photographers around the world. The next day we went to see a dress rehearsal of the Bayerische Staats Ballett, which was a contemporary piece of Merce Cunninghams, more info about it here. It was amazing to watch the dress rehearsal and I had forgotten how strong and beautiful dancers are.
On the last day we started off at the Alte Pinakothek. This is an art gallery full of older period photos and is really worth a look if you have interest in Art. After we went to Pinakoethek der Moderne; just round the corner from Alte Pinakothek you can discover the more contemporary, abstract paintings placed in an open bright building. I appreciated both places but it's hard to say which one I liked better, as doing both in one day got me feeling tired physically and mentally. A great way to spend a week though; visiting touristy places that I otherwise wouldn't have had  the time to go to!
Me and a friend walking around in Pinakothek der Moderne

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