Friday, 31 January 2014


Today we had an ex student who had been to Brazil come back and teach us Brazilian style dancing. She brought with her three men from Brazil who didn't speak a word of German or English; they said everything in Portuguese and then she translated it all to German. Somehow that was almost my favourite part, although I hated languages when I was younger I find them so fascinating now and it was fun to try and pick up on what they were saying before they were translated. They brought with them a drum, tambourine, accordion and a triangle and we all danced around in rhythm which was a nice way to end the week.

Me and Jorg have decided that we want to go to Italy for holiday this year, and will hopefully be booking in a few weeks! Because of this, I've decided to start learning a bit of Italian. I found an app on my phone where a parrot speaks to you in Italian which really does motivate you! I've been wanting to learn another language for a while and thought this would be the perfect opportunity. I'll keep you updated on our holiday plans, I don't want to say too much now as we haven't booked yet so things could change!  Where are you going on holiday this year?
Passa un buon fine settimana! :)

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