Sunday, 19 January 2014

Cleaning day

Sunday is definitely the day for cleaning, washing clothes and being lazy; especially in Germany where no shops are open on a sunday, none. Before you ask: yes that is including food supermarkets, pharmacies, clothes shops, and even some restaurants too! Yes every Sunday!

Not a particular interesting day apart from that I did go with a friend to pick up some pizza to takeaway from an Italian restaurant, and a guy that worked there had a little hissy fit as they made the wrong pizza for us. (It was actually quite a big hissy fit: foot stamping, arm movements, and to end with stomping off in a huff shouting at his colleague that he can do it). At least the pizza was nice though!
I'm also wondering if this cold that I've had for two weeks will ever fully go away? I've cleaned and washed all sheets/clothes/rugs in my room to disinfect it in the hope that I'll be healthy again soon!

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