Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Gym

In December I joined the gym.
I've never been to a gym before as I always thought there are always alternatives like running, or just doing press ups and sit ups in your room every night before you go to bed. I was wrong. There are so many different machines that train different muscles and you can actually feel which muscle is being trained! And it's actually quite fun. 
In December I managed to go once every week; I also have a gym buddy which really helps with the motivation. This month I'm recovering from a cold/cough/headache/everything but I'm hoping that next week I can start going again. I'm going to go at least once a week but I'm aiming for twice a week; I'm hoping my motivation will last the whole year, seeing as I'm paying for it!
The gym here (I go to Clever Fit) only costs 25 euros a month which is around 20 pounds, so nice and cheap compared to the prices I've heard around Windsor. I usually go in the weekdays around 3 and it's always nice and quiet which really is a plus. I'll keep you updated on how I do, the Gym can be quite daunting and scary at first (I literally couldn't get the hang of the cross trainer - when you move the feet, the arm handles move too, the first few times I held on for dear life). But after a couple of times it does become fun!
Wish me luck!

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