Friday, 2 May 2014

Bank Holiday and Work.. and Pukka tea


Er not very a interesting post, as not that much has happened!
This week was the first week back into my course, which already feels like I never went away. We had a bank holiday on Thursday which was so nice - I wish we had every Thursday off. Yesterday I spent the day in Westpark with the boyfriend and a few friends, I even tried playing football (I am apparently a natural talent, which is a laugh as I actually hate football - although I have now decided that I hate watching football, but playing it is actually quite fun!) Any who I got a bit carried away and made my big toe nail bleed, but I'll survive!
Today I started my new babysitting job, which went really well! I'm babysitting again tomorrow morning and in the evening I'm babysitting for my other family. Next week I have another interview for a job so thank god after 2 months I'll finally be earning some money again!
Oh and I will confess that I haven't been to the gym in aaaages (3 weeks), although to be fair I was in England for two of those weeks! So I'm making myself go on Sunday, whether it kills me or not!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
PS I just realised I haven't even referenced that photo I put up there, mainly as I only put it there as I took no other photos this week! But what I can say is that this is my new favourite tea. Pukka tea maybe doesn't smell quite so amazing as other tea, but it tastes so good! Whereas most teas smell good and taste of nothing. It also has such a nice after taste, and really really does warm your heart. Yummy.
PPS: Here are some random boring photos I found that I did take this week! Enjoy:

I love tea

Got an innocent smoothie in sale for 99 cent, haven't had one in ages and  forgot how good they were!


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