Friday, 9 May 2014

Flat Hunting in Munich

Hello! The search has begun

Above is a masterpiece I drew in between classes, it's me and Jorg and our new house (got a bit carried away and drew a lake and a monster bunny that's bigger than us little stick people). Anyway as some of you already know we are searching for a flat together!
As we spend so much time going two and from each others flats we decided to get one for ourselves, as it makes more sense. We've been planning on it for a quite a while and as we want to save money we haven't started looking, but now the search has begun!
The thing is finding a flat in Munich isn't easy, everyone wants to live in Munich and therefore it's expensive - but if you have finally found that perfect flat that's a reasonable price you have to get over the next hurdle: It's not just that you have to be happy with the flat to take it - but the tenants have to be happy with you in order to give you the flat! 
Eg if you want to find a shared flat in Munich to share with your friends it's almost impossible, I've had friends where tenants/estate agents just hang up mid sentance on the phone as soon as they hear the word "WG" (Wohngemeinschaft = shared flat). If you are a woman moving in alone - you're most likely to get a flat rather than a man moving in alone! The list goes on and on; as we are a couple we luckily have an advantage, and looking at flats I do find really fun! But sometimes it's heartbreaking when there just isn't one that's suitable, or what we've already had happen to us - they just never reply to you!! 
Then I start crying whyyyy? WHYYYYY? and look like this:
                   (I found the special effects on my laptops camera and just had to use it!!)

Anyway I will keep you updated with the search but I can promise you it will definitely take a few months!

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