Sunday, 18 May 2014

Victorian Tea House

My favourite time to eat out is for breakfast...

I've been meaning to check out this place for ages, there are about four Victorian Tea Houses dotted around Munich, some just selling cakes and tea and others that are more like a restaurant.
Me and Sophie went to one today by Viktualienmarkt to check it out.
The restaurant itself is very cute and english, it actually feels like you're just sitting in some ones living room that's been filled with chairs and tables which is pretty cool!

What we ordered: Fruit salad, scones with clotted cream and jam, toast with butter and lemon curd, peach tea, china rose tea and pancakes with amazing maple sirup (I actually completely forgot we ordered them until they showed up a little later - I was full of joy!).
 This fruit salad is amazing and was literally never ending!

 China Rose Tea - smelt and tasted amazing

Sophie with her first ever scone!

The scones were a little on the small side, but made up for it with their fluffy texture and over generous amounts of clotted cream and jam.

The pancakes I didn't take a photo of as I was too excited and tucked into them straight away - needless to say they were amazing! If you want to go for a breakfast/lunch/dinner I seriously recommend you reserve a place, it was completely packed!
The best part about breakfast is you can eat until you're completely full and instead of feeling sick it just sets you up for the day ahead.

Have a good Sunday!

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