Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Flat Hunting Update

Some exciting news...

WE HAVE A FLAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll tell you the story:
One day I was searching online for flats; I found one but didn't think that much of it and wasn't really in the mood to read all the details, but I applied for a flat viewing anyway.
The next week we got a flat viewing so yesterday me and Jorg went along to see it. Turns out it's almost the perfect flat (it has no balcony). Newly renovated to such a high quality, has a lot of space and windows everywhere, and is in budget!
We filled out the forms and sent them in an email.
Today I had a children teaching exam, afterwards I found a voice mail on my phone from our estate agent saying we had been successful. I still can't believe it!!

However the only catch is that it's earlier than we wanted, we move in July which just means no money for furniture (including a kitchen), so we will just have to camp out in our new flat for a few months till we can slowly start filling it up with the essentials.
I have never been so excited!
We meet up next week to go through the contract etc and make it official so fingers crossed all goes well.

To anyone who's searching for a flat in Munich or anywhere else and has no luck - this is just proof that it is possible even if it seems impossible - even if you have to look at websites every day round the clock and apply to endless flat viewings and fill out 100 forms that aren't even worth it I can assure you, it will be worth it and you will find one!

Happy Wednesday

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