Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Summer has arrived in Munich

After a week of rain things are heating up in Munich!

Today we went to the exhibition Gunther von Hagens' Korperwelten (or in English: Body World). They travel all around the world so if you're interested in anatomy and how the body works then you've probably heard of it! You aren't allowed to take photos so I have nothing to show you. I would recommend it, but perhaps it's not for the faint hearted. 
In this exhibition they show everything that's inside the human body, however what's on show isn't your standard plastic model - they are real. They are real people who have died and donated their body.
Once inside you start off with where life begins - the foetus (which I have to say everyone was creeped out) but after a while you forget how weird it is that you're staring at real life body parts and it is really interesting! I also recommend it to anyone who smokes and wants to quit - after you see what your lungs look like after smoking I think it would be motivation for anyone to quit!

Afterwards me and a few friends went off to the Isar (river) for a sit down and some ice cream.

What I love about the Isar is that the water is so cooling and surprisingly clear for a river, and from the pebbles and sand you almost feel like you're on a beach!

I couldn't stay too long, as for some reason I decided to wear jeans with a long sleeved top today and so I was slowly melting away.
I popped into town to buy some things for Italy (which is in two weeks!!!)

Mango have some really good stuff in this season, so I got some sandals (which came with a cute cotton bag to keep them safe) and shorts - the shorts are from H&M even though I fell in love with a pair from Mango, they were a perfect fit and the last pair in my size but they had such a "ripped" look that it looked a bit too ridiculous! So I'll just have to survive with my H&M high waisted shorts instead.

I finally got home and was so hungry! I'll share my dinner with you though...

Corn on the cob, a panini with salad, avocado and cheese, and a fruit salad (apple, nectarine and kiwi).
Now I'm full up and ready to nod off in this beautiful weather!


  1. I actually read about that place where they show off bodies for research about the renaissance but i didn't realise it was still there! x

  2. Yeah it's a tour they travel all round the world! I think it was only in Munich for a month or two :) x