Friday, 26 October 2012

Away for a week

Tomorrow I am going to Zwiesel so won't be blogging for a week. The performance I went to see last night, "Puzzle" by Sidi Larbi was pretty good! Clever ideas and beautiful formations, however not the best dance piece I've ever seen (Akram Khan's "Desh" is still my favourite!) Afterwards me and two girls from my dance school went back to my building to go to the bar. I twisted my ankle walking down the stairs which has swelled up; unfortunately today I could only do the ballet barre and then had to sit down the rest of the day with an ice pack :/ Not a good way to end the last day of the half term! But at least now I can rest it for a week and hopefully it will be okay by the time I go back to dancing. I also bought an Iwanson hoody :) Always fun getting new clothes!

 Autumn in Munich is so beautiful, I think the main difference is in England because it rains so much all the leaves get mushed together, whereas here it doesn't rain as much so you can appreciate all the colours of the leaves! Here's some pictures :)

Also I just had to take a picture of my made up recipe because it looked so good! Pasta, red kidney beans, asparagus and cheese yum yum yum

Other than that it's weird to think that I have a week off dancing! Time goes so quickly. Looking forward to having a break (and for my foot to heal) but I'll miss dancing! Have a good holiday if anyone else has a week off!
Bis bald,


  1. Aww I love the Autumn photos! How's your foot now? We can go on Skype when you're back :) x

  2. Oh I did reply to this but I don't think it worked? My foot's still a bit wierd but its okay and yes I'm back now so skype skype xx