Sunday, 21 October 2012

Clubbing, sleeping, eating.. ONE WEEK LEFT TILL HOLIDAY

This weekend I have been pretty lazy (okay really lazy) as I went out Friday night first time clubbing in Munich! I went with dancer friends and also a girl who lives in my building :) Shots were 50 cent and it was a hilarious night! Was nice to go out clubbing again as that was my first time since a month?! I spent Saturday half watching TV and half falling asleep; however I did venture out to go to Tengalmann to look for tofu. Tengalmann is a bit upper class than LIDL or Penny so it's generally more expensive and so I never shop there. I sadly didn't find Tofu but did half give up as I was so tired and wanted to go back home. In the evening just went to the lounge to see some German friends and then went back to sleep ^_^

I am spending my Sunday cleaning and generally being lazy because my Mum's coming on Thursday! One more week left then it's already half term :O It's gone so quickly I don't even feel like I'm ready for a week off from dancing! We're going to Zwiesel for the week to see relatives etc so should be good. Tomorrow I must venture to Deutsche Post to pick up my parcel which is English tea :) German tea just isn't the same!
This weekend it's been around 20 degrees and sooo warm in the sun!
Pretty much my weekend :)


  1. Excuse meeeeee where are the photos from your night out? Hahhaha. Sounds good! xx

  2. Hahah I was thinking the same thing when I wrote it! I think my friend took some so when I get them I will update this :)