Sunday, 14 October 2012

My room and cake

Short note on dancing: On Friday in improvisation we did "Gaga technique" (no this is not anything to do with Lady Gaga...) in which you have to constantly improvise without any breaks, eg drinking water, leaving the room.. We did it for 35 minutes but usually you do it for an hour. It was really good!  Looking forward to when we next get to do it, I'm liking improvisation class more and more :)

Today my Auntie came round as it was her birthday and she brought with her homemade plum cake (the plums are also grown from my Granddad's garden) which was cute :)

 The plums look a bit burnt... but it was still yummy!

She also brought tons of food and so yet again I am fully stocked up on food! I think it will last me the whole three years ahaha :) After we went out for dinner in our usual restaurant.

I have also cleaned my room AND done my clothes washing, amazingly I haven't had a nap today! Anyway my little room is starting to look nicer so here are some pictures of my bed. Note how the postcards are spreading on my wall so thanks for sending them and keep them coming! :D

The massive cushion is so squishy and comfy, its the main reason why I fall asleep when I get home from dance school as it's so good to have naps on!

Tomorrow I am back to dancing and then have the "welcome evening" in my building where I meet all the new people :) Should be fun! 


  1. I have yet to send you a postcard! I'm keeping an eye out for a good one. :)
    I'm really jealous of the cake and your table! It beats my Argos one (which I assembled myself HAHAH.)

  2. Oo the suspense of the postcard!! Ah yeah but sadly my chairs aren't that nice and don't match at all.. I'm trying to think of a way to cover them/make them look nicer!