Wednesday, 26 September 2012

May need to practice my English..

Feeling tired but motivated after a good day at school :) I got asked as the only English girl what the bottom bit of your arm is called in English.. and I didn't know, so already learnt something new today! Its called your forearm :) I also had to show how to do a press up in class which was so bad someone actually thought I was joking ahahahah (maybe I will eventually get some muscles in my arm?!) Today was sunny sunny sunny and I decided to get the underground home for fun to see all the Lederhosen and Dirndls :) Quite excited to go to Oktoberfest! I also found out that next week on Wednesday we don't have school as Germany's celebrating the reunion of the East and West! It made me realise that since I've got here as I have no TV or Metro newspaper I literally have no clue about the news or anything that's going on in the world, someone may have to fill me in!
Update on the mirror: This morning I went down there in an attempt to carry it to my room but its stuck to another mirror! Waaa I tried pulling it but I'm too weak (stupid arm muscles not being strong enough!) I think I'll try again tomorrow morning :)
Other than that my knee is hurting and I still have lots of bruises...

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