Sunday, 23 September 2012

My little flat and more

I tried to make coffee from my coffee maker! After youtubing how to do it and spending 10 minutes trying to open a tin (turns out I was just opening it the wrong way) I managed it! Woooo coffee
Here are a few pictures of my place as I've actually tidied it now...

 Thanks for the cards guys! Sticking them up on my wall so keep them coming :)

Yay fooooooood

 Sunny today!

 Being a good German and collecting my various Pfandflasche; need to actually recycle them/take them back to the shop now..

Tidy bookcase (note how are there aren't really books on it) 

Having a lazy Sunday today which will only consist of going down to the bins and shaking out my carpets,
resting for another week at Iwanson!
Larissa :)

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