Friday, 21 September 2012

Floorwork, 20 degrees and two weeks at Iwanson!

I've been at Iwanson for two weeks now! Time goes so quickly, today we had Ballet, double Contemporary, Improvisation and Dance History. We did floorwork in Contemp and now the bruises are starting to appear on my legs! All worth it though as I love floorwork :) It was 20 degrees in Munich today, unfortunately at 7 in the morning its not that warm, so I thought I would be clever and wear winter clothes; regretted it when I had to walk home in the heat! Went straight home today and looking forward to my lie in tomorrow; have to tidy my place as tomorrow my friends coming round for dinner, we're going to the theatre with other dancers and then out for drinks after :)
Have a good weekend! (I'll hopefully be taking more pictures at the weekend)

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