Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sunny day and a slightly mad washing machine

Today was a good day! I wore shoes that didn't hurt and it's been sunny all day :) short day with only Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz and Music Choreography. One of our teachers brought in a pile of her clothes to give to us as she's ran out of space in her flat so I now have a new(ish) zara top woo! Me and some of my new friends went for a coffee in the centre of Munich (signs of Oktoberfest, shops, and men in lederhosen are now everywhere), I ventured to LIDL to buy more baby food etc and then came home to do the washing! In the last three minutes of the washing machine it started going mad and literally the entire thing was shaking, I was actually scared that it would blow up.. is that normal for a washing machine?!?! Waiting for the tumble dryer now and will cry if I have shrunk my clothes; then I just have to make dinner, tidy everything up and go to sleep for a longer day tomorrow!

Update: Havent shrunk my clothes but have washed and tumble dried a tissue.. it could be worse!

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