Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Today wasn't such a good day...

So to start with it was raining this morning and I have to get up at 6.15 everyday, to get to school I have to walk to the bus stop, then after walk to my school. I made a bad decision wearing some boots that I thought I had broken in (I hadn't) and thought I had plasters in my bag just in case (I didnt). After 5 minutes of walking my feet died, I missed my bus but luckily they come every 10 minutes anyway! Wednesdays we have to walk to the other studio twice throughout the day which only takes 2 minutes, unless you are me and wear shoes that kill you :( We have 10 minutes in between each lesson and about 20 minutes for lunch (classes usually run over), by this point my feet had died and I was looking forward to my baby food for lunch, until I realised I had forgotten my spoon :( so for lunch I only had a slice of bread and red pepper. On the way to the bus stop my friend actually asked me if there was something with my legs and I was walking so wierdly hahaha, when I got off the bus I took my shoes off and walked home in socks on wet ground, needless to say, I won't be wearing those boots for quite a while -_-
Long day at school but nevertheless it was great!! Still loving it!

This was taken from the bakery outside my dance school a few days ago when Mum was still here!

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