Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Busy bus, sunny day and bruises

So today I'll share with you how lovely my legs look at the moment - in other words covered in bruises! Hopefully I will soon learn how to survive floorwork without getting bruised :) We had Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, half an hour speaking with our "form teacher", Contemporary technique and Floorwork. We also did floorwork in Contemporary and Contemporary technique which is why my legs have currently died. This morning when I got the bus it was so busy :( busy buses are worse than busy underground tubes! Although when I got the bus home I saw it approaching the bus stop and decided to run to get it, I felt like superman :)
Not much else has happened.. might be going into school on Sunday as my friend's booked a studio to practice (he is mad, I was planning to spend my Sunday sleeping) but I think this might be more productive haha. We have a whole school brunch this Saturday organised by the second years which is nice and probably will go to Oktoberfest afterwards!
Other than that I've found a little full length mirror downstairs in the cellar and I think (if my german's right) you're allowed to take anything down there?! So I'm deciding when is the best time to carry a mirror that I'm hopefully allowed to take up 2 flights of stairs to my room haha :) I will update you when I've successfully done it!
Oh and from washing like a week ago, turns out I've lost one sock :( Its very sad
Another long day tomorrow!

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