Monday, 1 October 2012

Hurt foot and Family Guy in german!

Today was quite long and every week I seem to get more tired; however my muscles aren't feeling as stiff which is good :) Today in ballet our group got a "thats better!" from the teacher, we were so happy!! (At first she said we looked like robots hahaha) The top of my ankles hurting on my left foot :( I hope it gets better before tomorrow! After school I met up with my friend that I work with at the theatre back in Windsor, England (crazy right?!) He also has moved to Germany for six months as part of his uni course. Was lovely to see a familiar face in Munich! I tried to microwave some food from yesterday that was in foil.. My microwave nearly blew up, it went crazy even though it was only on for a few seconds and it smelt of burning :( Luckily it has survived.. I think. One more day of dancing and then a break on Wednesday as its a bank holiday! The bar in my building is open tonight so hopefully I won't be woken up by noise. I have also found Family Guy AND Futurama in German on my TV! Wooooo :)

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  1. The titles of your posts are acutally the best hahahah.