Saturday, 13 October 2012

A Food Post

Just a little update, I made Knoedel the other day (Bavarian recipe that are like dumplings) which were really good! Sadly my gravy tasted horrible and I ate too much :( But here's a pic anyway!

I got a package today which is a massive book from umm I don't even know who, the German Government?? Its because I registered that I now live here. Anyway it's just a big book with lots of info on Munich and welcoming me to Munich, so maps of where I can go, of the U bahn, buses etc etc. Very nice!! Thanks Munich :)
On Monday I have to go to a "welcome evening" in my building where I live for all the newbies like myself haha, should be interesting!
Last night I watched The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.. It's a good film but a bit predictable? I thought the end might be a bit more interesting... But you could tell what will happen right from the start :S

Today I went shopping in Olympia Einkaufzentrum and only bought some socks and stuff for my place (German fashion just isn't the same as English!) I now have scented candles (sorry the picture is so crap, my phone didn't like the bright light of the candle) and then tried to make veggie burgers from scratch. As I don't have a blender and had only half the ingredients, I basically made a recipe up and it kind've turned into a breadroll with a lot of filling... It was still amazingly yummy though!! Aubergine, red pepper, red onion and tomatoes yum yum :) 

Tomorrow my Auntie is coming to visit me and its her birthday woo! We will probably just go out for dinner somewhere :) 
Ein schönes Wochenende!

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  1. Why do you need a blender to make veggie burgers, what recipe are you following?! I can give you my recipe if you want (no blenders involved!). Have you tried the french toast breakfast yet?
    The knoedel looks yum! Did you make it from scratch?!?!
    I wish I got a welcome book when I moved here. Munich is so nice to you.
    I'll be online tomorrow, by the way. xx