Sunday, 7 October 2012

The past few days..

Sorry haven't posted for a while, my foot is better now and on Friday and Saturday it was really sunny :) 24 degrees on Saturday!! Here are some photos I took whilst walking home, it was so sunny I couldn't actually see the camera but it looks pretty nice! There were also two little girls selling some stuff outside their house, they were selling marbles and an elephant that I think was from a Kinder Surprise egg; so cute!

On Friday I met some people in my building and had some drinks (the beer is never ending) and then on Saturday I went shopping with my friend Nina to buy socks and other stuff :) It was so nice to go clothes shopping again! I've missed it. We also stopped off at a cute little restaurant to have some pizza.

In the evening I met up with a few people from my building, it's really nice to listen to everyone speaking German/Bavarian! At school we usually talk in English so I'm happy I now know some Germans :) Sunday morning a friend came round for coffee and didn't know what my tea cosy was, hilarious! Obviously not familiar with all the tea drinking that goes on in England haha. I feel like I'm forgetting lots of things because I haven't updated my blog in so long but I can't remember?! If I do I'll write it on here before I forget again.. have a nice Sunday! I plan to watch TV all day :)


  1. HAHAH HI! Are you using your phone or your camera to take those photos? The camera on the Samsung is pretty good so I can't tell!

    1. Yeah its my phone! The camera is pretty good :D My camera's being a bit annoying, it sometimes takes amazing pictures and other times it goes blurry all the timeee