Thursday, 11 October 2012


All I do everyday when I get home is sleep, then I wake up, make food, and sleep till the next day. Weirdly enough I'm loving Jazz which I didn't think I would as I've never loved it that much before, but its so fun to do after you've spent the rest of the lessons working to get your turn out, posture, arms etc right and at least in Jazz you get to dance and move a bit more :) One teacher said "good Larissa" to me today and I almost died from happiness! Doesn't get better than that ahaha.
Not much else to say! Just eaten so next on the list is sleep, looking foward to the weekend as this week I've literally had no energy!

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  1. It's totally normal! When I was in my first year of uni, I slept until 4pm sometimes (awful, I know)! Enjoy it while you can hahaha. x